Anytime I’m in the kitchen, my son is constantly asking: Can I help? And although there are many times I just want to hurry and get finished because there are always a million things to do, I try to remind myself that it’s a great opportunity to teach him about making healthy food choices.

Research shows that people who frequently cook meals at home eat healthier and consume fewer calories than those who cook less. So teaching kids how to cook often means setting them up for a healthier diet in the future. It’s also a great way for kids to build confidence and work on their fine motor skills and the best bonus is that they are more eager to eat what they help prepare.   

Sometimes finding something for them to do safely can be a bit difficult especially if you don’t have the right tools, so here are my top kitchen must-haves for cooking with kids.

Counter Stool – If they can’t even reach the counter, they can’t help you chop carrots or mix pancake batter. A step stool may work fine for older children, but toddlers need something sturdier. These stools have an enclosed platform so they can move around without you having to worry about them falling off.

Knives – So much of kitchen prep involves knives. This knife set is a great safe way for your kids to cut fruits and vegetables. They’re lightweight, firm, have a good grip, and serrated edge. They come in 3 different sizes so you can teach them which kind of knife to use for different tasks.

Set of Mixing Tools – Having a kid-size whisk that fits their hands better means preventing unnecessary messes. Kid-sized silicone pastry brushes for egg-washing pastries and milk-washing scones are also very helpful. This set from Cuisinart includes a mini silicone whisk, brush, and spatula.

Mixing Bowl Set – These stainless-steel mixing bowls have rubber on the bottom, keeping them from sliding around and limiting the potential for a cake-mix explosion. Plus being stainless steel means they’re virtually indestructible.  

Salad Spinner – This kitchen tool might as well be a toy, it will occupy your child for at least 10 minutes, giving you time to do things they can’t help you with. They can used it to dry lettuce and herbs.

Citrus Juicer – A simple old-fashioned citrus juicer, where you place half of a citrus fruit on top to squeeze the juice out into the bowl is the perfect gadget to have! Not only will you get some freshly squeezed orange juice, your kids will love making it and drinking it themselves!

Flour Sifter -Some flour sifters have easy and simple cranks that resemble like a child’s jack in the box. This gadget often keeps kids entertained for a while even after all the flour is sifted. If you’re worried about your child dropping flour all over the floor, some sifters come with an attached measuring cup.

Egg Slicer – An egg slicer can not only be used on eggs, but on strawberries, olives, bananas, and other soft fruits.

Pitcher – Dean loves to pour milk or juice into his cereal bowl or cup so we bought this small pitcher. It’s perfect for kids’ little hands, they can wrap their fingers around the handle and easily pour.

Mini Chef’s Apron – What kid doesn’t like looking and feeling legit in the kitchen. Plus, it helps keep their clothes clean. I mean who needs more laundry to do right?!

If there are any kitchen tools you use a lot with your kiddos, I would love to hear about them in the comments below.


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August 12, 2021


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