Spooky Spiderweb Cupcakes

Halloween is such a fun time for festive treats! 

How cute are these cupcakes?! These cupcakes are easy, tasty and the kiddos will go CRAZY over them!  

All you have to do is bake some chocolate cupcakes, top them with some vanilla buttercream icing, pile on some cotton candy, and place a plastic spider on top.

Yes, it’s that simple!!

Cotton candy is perfect for creating a spiderweb look, it sticks to itself and can easily be shaped into whatever shape you want. Please note though, that cotton candy will dissolve quickly so be sure to wait and add it right before serving.

Serve up a cupcake tray of these at your next Halloween celebration or make them with your kids for a fun afternoon treat.

You could also add green or orange cotton candy for the spiderwebs instead of white for a whimsical twist.  

Just use your favorite boxed cake mix and prepackaged icing.

However you put your twist on the cotton candy spider web idea, it’s definitely one you should try this Halloween!


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October 14, 2021


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